Professional Photo Restoration / Repair.

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Professional Photo Restoration, Repair, Colouration, manipulation and more....

Nothing could be easier, send me the Scanned photo you wish to have repaired via email (see advised resolutions bellow) I will then repair photo and return it to same email with a watermark for your approval if you happy with the result you then can pay using the "Pay Now" button here bellow, minor damage is only £6.50 if more than that depending on the extent of damage on photo I will price it for you at the time of giving you sample.

Obviously if you think the work went beyond expectations and you wish to donate more please do so.

Also, if you do not want your photo to be used as example here in the blog please let me know.

***Send the scanned photo/s to me via email, scanning should be of high resolution min 300 dpi (normal at 600 dpi) more if you can.
Digital work only****

Restauração / reparo e manipulação de fotos:

Nada poderia ser mais fácil, envie-me a scan da foto que você deseja ter reparada por e-mail (veja abaixo resoluções recomendadas), eu então reparo a foto e devolvo-a com uma marca d'água para a sua avaliação, se você gostar do resultado, devera fazer pagamento usando o botão do paypal "Pay Now" aqui abaixo, o preço é £6.50 (equivalente a +ou- €7.50) para pequeno reparo ou trabalho feito, por cada foto.

Danos mais extensos o preco sera dado quando eu mandar a foto reparada.

Se o trabalho for alem de expectativa e você desejar contribuir mais, faça isso.

Por favor note, se você não desejar que sua foto seja usada como exemplo aqui no blog por favor diga-me.

*** Envie a foto/s digitalizada/s para mim pelo e-mail em baixo, digitalização deve ser de alta resolução 300 dpi minimo (e normal em 600 dpi) mais se puder. Trabalho e somente Digital****

Para obter o meu email clique aqui:

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Monday, 5 February 2018

Before       and           After

Another great example of what can be achieved, removed all creases spotting and tears, also revived image however retaining that old feel of the photo.

A lot more could be done however this is what the customer wanted.

A real bargain, when many other places are charging as a starting price over £25...see my starting price.

Feel free to ask questions or interact with me. Cheers!!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

This is one that I call medium damage and as such, the price is a very reasonable £13, 
and as you can see results are quite impressive, don't you think. :)

See the two images below, one is my dad Germano Candeias, the other is just some work I did.
As you can see they were both Black and White and I recolor them to as approximate as possible to real natural colors...though the second one was also restored from what I call severe damage, as most of the photo has damage

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Click on the image and check really well and up and close, ignoring the watermark for the image protection, see how all the crack lines spots and the brown stain have been removed making the photo great once again ready for printing...

you too can have your old, damaged prints renovated/restored to former glory, and with no risk, as you only pay once you approved the work, just see my reviews.


Monday, 7 March 2016

Another repair and revive.

Image revive and repair, removing haze and imperfections.